external image 30994-Clipart-Illustration-Of-An-Athletic-Male-Baseball-Pitcher-Preparing-To-Throw-The-Ball.jpgGrayson (Character Assignment Example)

About Grayson:
Earl Grayson was the equipment manager at the Y. His dream was to become a major league baseball player, although he only made it to the minor leagues. While playing baseball he struck out Willie Mays during Willie's last at bat in the minors pitching three straight curveballs. Grayson took Maniac Magee in and gave him a home. Maniac and Grayson became close friends, and Maniac Magee even taught Grayson how to read! The first book that Grayson ever read was "The Little Engine that Could." They lived in the equipment shed and were very happy there. They celebrated Christmas together for the first time, and Grayson gave Maniac his most prized possession, his baseball glove. Four days after Christmas, Grayson died.

Memorable Quotes from the Book:
One day the kid wrote on the blackboard:
"I see the ball"
And the old man studied it awhile and said, slowly, gingerly: "I...see...the...ball."
Maniac whooped, "You're reading!"
"I'm reading!" yipped the old man. His smile was so wide he's have to had to break it into sections to fit it though a doorway.

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Grayson was important to this story because he befriended Maniac Magee, gave him a home, and was his family for a short time. Grayson signified that anything is possible and that friends and family come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Grayson loved Maniac, their friendship was very special and helped Maniac to grow. After Grayson died, Maniac felt abandoned again, which led him to the McNabs and continued the story. Grayson helped to show maniac what it is like to be loved and to have a family. Maniac helped Grayson by teaching him how to read and also being his friend, because Grayson was lonely.